Thursday, February 14, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

It's Random Acts of Kindness Week.  Here is a list of things you can do in your community, mall, or shopping center with your youth that are free or almost free.

1.  Write a thank you note
2.  Chalk someone's driveway with a positive message
3.  Open a door for someone--be dramatic and smile!
4.  Deliver candy or cookies to the local fire department
5.  Leave flowers for the nurses in the emergency room
6.  Re-shelve misplaced items in the store or library
7.  Leave notes with a happy thoughts in the store
8.  Help bag items in the local store
9.  Thank a soldier for his service
10.  Volunteer to sweep the floor in a store or fast food place.
11.  Give out carnations to ladies you see
12.  Give a balloon to a child
13.  Leave coupons for items in the store
14.  Pick up trash
15.  Return shopping carts
16.  Smile at someone
17.  Ask if you can help--then help
18.  Say hello to someone
19.  Place paper hearts on several cars in the parking lot. 
20.  If someone drops something, pick it up for them
21.  Text a compliment to someone other than your friends
22.  Compliment a man or woman on his/her child
23.  Play the piano at the local assisted living facility
24.  Leave a joke on someone's car.
25.  Tape a microwave popcorn to a Red Box
26.  Leave a diaper at the changing station in the restroom
27.  Feed the birds in the local park or parking lot
28.  Sing a song, recite a poem, or leave a poem to/for someone
29.  Compliment a worker or cashier
30.  Hide a positive note in a book at the library.

Have your youth gather for root beer floats and talk about their evening experiences doing kind things for others.  Sometimes even the smallest kindness can make a difference.

Here is a link for some very cute Random Acts of Kindness cards to leave behind of you need them.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reservation Quilts Service Project

If you are looking for a service project for your YW, the Lakota Pine Wood Indian Reservation in South Dakota is the home of the Oglala Sioux Indians.  The residents of this reservation are living dire poverty and in extreme weather conditions.  The Friends of the Pine Ridge Reservation has many drives and service projects available for YW.  The reservation needs school supplies, blankets, coupons, books, arts and craft supplies.  Raising needed items or sewing/knitting/crocheting some of their requested items would make for great Value and service projects.

Our small group of Laurels made quilts last week to send to their Baby Shower.  They learned how to put the quilts together and tie them.  They were excited to know that they were helping these babies with a worthwhile project and enjoyed each others' company, talking and laughing.  (My pictures of the girls working on the quilts were lost but I have the finish product to show.)