Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Something fun!

Check out wordle.net to use their "word clouds" to make great handouts for your class.  I did one last weekend for the lesson on Living the Gospel Daily by using the 13th Article of Faith.  I made one today of the YW Theme for an example.  The size of the word on the picture is determined by the number of times it is typed on the paper.  The more times you put down FAITH FAITH FAITH, etc., the larger the word FAITH will appear in the "cloud."  Many combinations and several fonts and colors are available.  It will break up multi-word phrases hence the use of "works" instead of "good works."  It can then be printed for your YW and placed in a frame or used as a handout of some form.  It is fun to just play with!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am always looking for new ways to celebrate birthdays in YW and try to do something new each year.  In an effort to be creative, I decided to try to make a candy bouquet.  These look like such fun!  I think I really overdid the two I have pictured and will go smaller for the next ones.  These are quite large (1 ft. x 8 in.)  I would like to use milkshake glasses and think they are the perfect size.  I see them everywhere except when I want to buy one!  This was  my first effort at this idea.  They were so easy and I am a little excited about how they turned out.  Both bouquets took about an hour to put together in total.  I purchased just about everything at the Dollar Store, even most of the candy! Almost everything else I had at home such as curling ribbon, craft sticks, and skewers.  I noticed for the first time that I could choose a "color scheme" of candy wrappers.  Who knew?