Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Conference Sleepover

We are having a slumber party on Friday night before General Conference and I am excited about it.  We're planning on an "Iron Chef" dinner, providing the YW with the ingredients to make dinner (Bravery!), an activity, and a movie night.  The girls will provide all the snacks they want to eat with enough to share. 

For our activity, we are making Conference Packets.  I got the General Conference packet from Sugardoodle and adapted it to fit our needs.  The girls will each get a file folder to make a lap book out of, folding it into thirds to make a back and two flap cover.  We covered the spine of the folder with card stock for added stability.  On the inside left of the cover, we placed their instructions:  What to do before, during, and after conference.  The right flap had a column to place scriptures they want to remember, announcements they want to note, and any questions that arise as they listen.  The center of the folder has full-sized sheets of paper with headings for the Speaker, One Word that Summarized the Talk, and Notes.  Behind that I placed a page for doodling, and lastly, I placed a page for their Conference Goals.  We will put these together that evening after dinner, collaging, decorating, and generally individualizing each packet.  Each girl also gets a pencil. 

After the movie and before it is too late (we want them bright-eyed), we will dismiss the girls for personal prayer and meditation time.  It is hoped that at this time, they can ponder what answers they seek from Conference and a write the goal they want to accomplish as a result of hearing the prophets speak. We will waken them early enough to eat, pray, and be ready to listen.  Before they go home, we will discuss what they  have written in their notes and how they felt about what they heard.

It is my testimony that we receive answers to prayers when we listen to Conference.  It is my hope that the YW in our ward will feel the Spirit, hear answers to their concerns and questions, strengthen their testimonies, and have a desire to "Shine!"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It's been a busy six months after the birth of two grandchildren and the marriage of a daughter!  A wonderful six months! 

I've had this on my mind for a while and thought I'd share it.  I have been in the YW a long, long time.  One thing I firmly believe in is telling these precious girls how much I love them.  When you serve them and pray for them, you come to love them as your own daughters.  I believe that if you tell them you love them and demonstrate it in service, they will respond to that love.  I don't make a big to do about it.  At the end of a lesson or announcements or after I bear a testimony, I say "I love you," and tell them to have a good week.  In this day and age, it is hard to be demonstrative and I know some are uncomfortable with that.  I don't think it is necessary to always go into a long discourse about how precious they are and how much I love them and want what is best for them (though I do believe that).  Take a moment just to tell them "That was great!", "You're pretty smart, aren't you?"  "Way to go!" and, "Love you."  Hug if you can, put your arm around them, stroke their hair, and tell them you think they're the greatest! Ask about their sports/art/music/school achievements.  How did their day go?  These teen years are hard, it's nice to know your YW leaders are on your side.  It makes everyone's day better...especially mine!