Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am always looking for new ways to celebrate birthdays in YW and try to do something new each year.  In an effort to be creative, I decided to try to make a candy bouquet.  These look like such fun!  I think I really overdid the two I have pictured and will go smaller for the next ones.  These are quite large (1 ft. x 8 in.)  I would like to use milkshake glasses and think they are the perfect size.  I see them everywhere except when I want to buy one!  This was  my first effort at this idea.  They were so easy and I am a little excited about how they turned out.  Both bouquets took about an hour to put together in total.  I purchased just about everything at the Dollar Store, even most of the candy! Almost everything else I had at home such as curling ribbon, craft sticks, and skewers.  I noticed for the first time that I could choose a "color scheme" of candy wrappers.  Who knew?

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