Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Wish for You

A Wish Bracelet is made by placing a bead on a piece of thread and tying it to the wrist.  When the thread breaks and the wearer notices it is gone, the wish made will come true.

Our lesson this Sunday was on Holding Fast to the Lord's Standards.  At the end of the lesson, I teamed the girls in pairs and had them choose a faceted bead in their favorite color.  They then placed the bead on the thread and helped each other tie them on their wrists.  I told them my wish for them was to hold onto the standards the Lord had set and to live worthy of the Temple, always seeking a "higher ground."  When the bracelets broke and they noticed it, I wanted them to stop and look at what they were doing that very moment, remember our lesson, and take stock in their actions.  Were they living up to that wish?  Were they living the standards the Lord had set? 

They thought it was a fun idea and wondered how long their Wish Bracelet would last.  (Not long, I think!)  It's a fun way to tell them what you believe they can do, what they are worthy of, and what they should aspire to.  It is my wish that you.......


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  1. I like that! You'll have to look out and see if you see any being worn next week.