Monday, June 25, 2012

Easy Grad Gift

As a mom of three, I carried a diaper bag for many years with all the things my kids needed.  As they got older, the bag evolved and got smaller and I was able to carry it in my handbag...when I finally got to carry a handbag.  My grown kids still call it my diaper bag even though it is small and I am generally the only one who uses it now.  In it I carry a nail file, nail clippers, hand sanitizer, Band-aids, Advil, lotion, hair ties, personal items, etc. - you get the idea.  I decided to make one of these for each of my graduating Laurels.  Many of the items included were in the sample sections of local stores.  I was excited to find that Walgreens has the nail files and clippers in their bargain bins  

I bought an inexpensive bag and loaded it with these small items, added a few color coordinated beads and a blank with their initials on it.  The final touch was a ribbon and a list of what was in their bag. 

This would also make a great activity.  The girls can sew their own individual bags and then load them with things they might need.  They're small enough for their handbags, backpacks, or lockers.  I hope they'll find them as useful as I have.

You can find other variations on this theme:

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