Tuesday, March 19, 2013

YW Files

I like to find out a little bit about my girls when the enter YW.  I have what I call a YW File that is just a half sheet of paper that I keep  in my notebook with my "YW Stuff."   I have each girl fill one out and return to me.  It contains the following:

Phone/Cell Phone:
Favorite Food:
Favorite Color:
Favorite Candy:
Favorite Music:
Favorite Movie(s):
Favorite Things to Do:
Class(es) I Love!!:
Class(es) I Hate!!:
Anything Else?:

This gives me a ready reference for giving them their favorite candy bar on their birthdays or as a quick "I'm thinking of you" gift.  I can make sure I have things (such as beads) for activities in their favorite color.  I also know about their school activities and struggles with classes.   It only takes a minute to fill out and becomes a valuable resource for me to use throughout their time with me.

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