Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mix It Up

For a change of pace in your classroom, change your seating arrangements.  Sit in a circle or sit around a table.  Have the girls make a "word cloud" out of the principles taught in the lesson for a display or have them share scriptures or reading material.  If weather permits and you can find a quiet place, take a blanket and sit outside on the grass under a tree.  You can sit on the steps outside the building if your class is of a moderate size.  The wonder of Father's creations are always appreciated by the girls if they have been sitting inside all day.  Sit among the girls and have a girl act as a "scribe," placing thoughts on the chalkboard.  Assign parts of the lesson to your YW and have them stand at the front while you take a seat as a participant.  A little change can make the day interesting. Often it can be more conducive to discussion and participation. 

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