Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Okay.  I admit it.  I am somewhat compulsive.  I got tired of always trying to figure out some activity to do next week.  After being in the program for a few years, I decided it was time to get my act together and calendar a years' worth of activities.  I takes a little doing but is such a relief in the long run.  Of course, with Young Women, it is highly flexible and nothing is set in stone.  Everything is subject to change. 

My first step is to get all the Young Women together for a brainstorming session.  We use old calendars, idea books, and previous activities as a guide.  It is just a relaxed evening usually held at my home.  Naturally, there is alway something to eat.  I tell the girls and the leaders to write down every activity they can think of that they liked or think they would like to try.   Ideas are put out and discussed and I try to gauge the enthusiasm level.  I collect all the lists and get ready to plan.

I like to do this in August or September when the school calendars come out here.  I had teenagers in the house and had to keep track of a lot of these activities already.  First, I pre-print a calendar with the dates that apply to Young Women activities and armed with those, my Stake Calendar, and a monthly calendar, I begin.  Some things are a given...Bishop's Fireside on the a preset Sunday, Dances, Conferences, Stake Activities, Temple trips, and Camp. Dates for New Beginnings and YW in Excellence are calendared. I add in all dates of finals, proms, school breaks, and holidays.  It is surprising how little there is really left to plan.  One week a month is left for class activities and one week is left for Young Men/Young Women activities.  Then I start plugging in activities from the list--one's wanted by all, one's wanted by a class, and one's we as leaders think are important . Voila!  A year calendar.  I keep a copy, give copies to my leaders, one to the Bishop, and one to the YM President. 

It takes me about an afternoon to do and saves me so much headache and last minute scrambling.  No more searching for something on Sunday to do on Tuesday.  Of course, life happens and things change.   At times a new Stake calendar can throw a wrench in the best laid plans.  Often all that needs to be done is to switch dates.  Like I said, maybe I'm a bit compulsive but this works well for me and is a relief to have it done, ready to go.


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