Wednesday, July 21, 2010

College Prep

BYU Bell Tower
Second year Laurels are looking forward to college.  A great class activity is a College Prep night.  We prepared a packet with several lists for survival away from home in an apartment or dorm:  What to have in your medicine chest, pantry, fridge, and cupboards.  Include a list of basic cleansers.  A page can be attached on "Doing Your Laundry," "How to Budget," "Quick and Easy Recipes."  I like to attach some basic safety rules like not admitting strangers, asking for ID, not leaving your house keys at an auto shop, always tell a friend where you will be, etc.  Another helpful item is what to do for sickness - what to take for cold, cough, upset stomach and a list of things you might like to have like a screwdriver, hammer, first aid kit, and flashlight.  There is a lot of room for discussion and fun story sharing.  We occasionally like to throw a "College Shower" for the graduating Laurels in our Young Women's group to help them acquire some of these things.  It can be an exciting and a little unnerving time for them.  It's great to help them become prepared to leave home.


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  1. I remember when we did that! I actually had that packet for a long time after, although I don't think I had it any more. It also had a list of emergency substitutions, if I remember correctly.