Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School

I wanted to give the YW something for their return to school that had a spiritual reminder on it.  Taking advantage of the bottle cap fad, I bought some bottle cap pendants at Hobby Lobby at 4 for $1.49.  I added a round sticker to the center, added a stamped CTR charm and a bead.  I had lots of keychains lying around left over from girls camp and I attached them all to the chain.  It can be used as for keys or a zipper pull on their backpacks.  (I am notoriously impatient and CTR was the only thing I had the patience to stamp over and over.)  I thought about adding an initial to them but this way, I will just have a basket full of them and then can choose the one they want.  I thought they came out kind of cute for a first time try!

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