Thursday, August 2, 2012

Make a Decision Once


We often tell our YW that a decision only needs to be made once.  After that decision is made, we can make a commitment to that decision.  In her talk, "Guardians of Virtue," Sister Elaine Dalton states that when she was a youth, she made a list of things she would always do and things she would never do in a small tablet.  She committed to always obey the Word of Wisdom, always pay her tithing, never to miss church, etc. When faced with temptations, she knew that she had already decided what she was going to do.  She then encourages YW to make a list of their own of things they will always do and things they will never do.  

I handed out a small tablet.  On the front, I placed a small label stating "Little Things I Want to Remember."  On the first page, at the top, I wrote:  "Things I will always do."  On the second page, at the top, I wrote:  "Things I will never do."  I also encouraged my girls to make such a list.  They can then use this little notebook for whatever purpose they want but when the open it, their commitments are the first thing they see.  We talked about including going to church, attending meetings, paying tithing, and praying.  We also talked about not kissing on the first date, choosing only clean language, and uplifting entertainment.  On talking about not kissing on the first date, one of my YW said, "Well, it's too late for that!"  I reminded her that repentance is a great gift of the Father.  Once she has repented, she can start anew.  She is only 17.  She will find she will have other first dates in her life.  Why not commit now?  

What a blessing it is to have the Gospel standards to help us guide our YW toward the Temple.  How great is the gift of repentance. As we live these standards, Heavenly Father will be our strength and the Holy Ghost our guide.

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