Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Cultural Hall Battleship

Cultural Hall Battleship is a fun YM/YW combined activity.  This is a great way to use scripture mastery, lesson reviews, or just fun Jeopardy-type questions. 

How to play:
   Set up a divider in the room by using rolling chalkboards or volleyball nets draped with sheets.  These need to be high enough that the youth cannot see over or under.  Divide into 2 teams.  Each team takes a side.  Have your questions/scriptures ready and explain the rules.

  1.  Each member of the team must pick a spot in their designated area.  Once the game starts there is no moving.  If a player moves, it is considered a "hit" and the player is out.

  2.  A team is asked a question.  The first team to answer the question correctly is handed a "bomb" (Nerf ball, volleyball, Wiffle ball, etc.) to throw over the  net/divider. 

  3.  Any player hit with the "bomb" is considered out and must leave the game.  Continue until only one player remains and that team wins.  If there is a large group, the first one with five players out loses.  

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