Monday, January 14, 2013

Dating and Dating Etiquette Night

Some of your younger girls will be nervous as well as excited as they approach dating age.  Group dating, of course, helps break the ice and relieve the tension of trying to think of something to say and do on a date.  Here are some things we used in a Dating and Dating Etiquette Night. 

If  he asks for a kiss...give him one of these:

Hints and Etiquette:
  Be yourself
  Be polite and pay sincere compliments
  Invite him in and introduce him to your family
  Let him help you with your coat and open doors for you
  Wear modest clothing for ALL occasions
  Be home on time
  If eating out, let him suggest an idea so you have an idea what price range he has in mind
  Have fun and thank him!

  Don't do all the talking
  Don't lower your standsrds
  Don't let him honk the horn for you
  Don't keep him waiting
  Don't spend the night talking to friends on the phone or texting other people
  Don't criticize your date or put yourself down
  Don't sit in the car or outside after a date, go into the house to talk.

Talk about:
  What did you do today?
  Tell me about your family?
  Have you always lived in this area?
  What is your favourite subject or who is your favourite teacher?
  What do you like to do?

Inexpensive Dates:
  Inner tubing
  A movie night at home
  Breakfast at sunrise
  Nature walk
  Constellation search
  Free movies or concerts
  Make dinner together and eat on the porch

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