Friday, April 27, 2012

Fishers of Men

One of my favorite lessons for a morning Girls' Camp devotionals (We call them Visions lessons.  Is that what everyone calls them?) is Fishers of Men--not necessarily as we usually think if it.  It's a catchy phrase to talk to them about dating decisions. 

The Bait:  A YW who is beautiful because she loves the Savior and that shines in her countenance.  Is the the kind of girl a young man would want to "take home to Mom?"  Can she go with him to the Temple to be sealed for Time and All Eternity?  Does he want her to be the mother of his children?  Is she living the principals of the Gospel and fulfilling her callings and responsibilities?  

The Catch:  Is this a YM who has served an honorable mission?  Is he kind and thoughtful?  Does he honor his Priesthood?  Will he be able to provide for her and any future children?  How does he treat her? How does he treat his mother and others around him?

I have a sister who married a man she began dating in high school and I met my husband when he was a Deacon and I a young investigator.  It is never too soon to talk about the kind of man who is worthy of a Daughter of God.

Source:  Kevin Beckstrom

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