Friday, May 11, 2012

Girls' Camp

Girls' camp is a great way to get to know your YW.  I like to spoil them a little.  I try to be practical and not spend much money.  Oriental Trading usually has my back on this and some of this I do at home before hand.  

I try to have a lot of beads on hand and give them out for good deeds, helping, KP, singing, and participation.  I will often buy a batch of key chains and take the key ring off using the fob as a fancier bead after a lesson or devotional.  I found a scripture memorization reward idea on line a long time ago that I like to use.  The girls have to memorize a new scripture (not one they had to learn previously for Seminary).  The longer the scripture, the bigger the candy!  Bring fun markers, pens, or pencils for journal writing after Visions lessons.  Bring crepe paper or construction paper to decorate their tent or cabin. Assign nightly devotionals and prayers. I like to do the first one myself to give them an idea how it is done.  The first night is always hectic!   

John Bytheway says, "Girls like corn.  Girls eat corn"  In keeping with that idea, I like to put corny little things in the girls' mailboxes each day.  For the heat, I'll put in a water bottle that says, "Partake of Living Water,", an fan that says, "I am one of your biggest fans!", I'll place a little jumping frog that says, "There aren't any frogs, just handsome princes who don't know who they are,"  fill a little container with candies or send them a personal note. I like to give them something that identifies them as a ward group like a bandana or hat as we leave the building that morning.  

One thing that I have found very useful is to have a small wipe off board so a youth leader or I can list the day's schedule of activities. It saves a lot of repeating when asked, "What are we supposed to do now?  Where are we supposed to be now?"  For testimony night, bring a jar with battery powered candles and light them as each testimony is born.  If one girls does not feel comfortable bearing her testimony, help her "light" it with your own. (There's a great idea on Pinterest for this.)  

The most important thing about camp is the testimony building experience. As a convert, I never went to girls' camp as a youth.  I remember going to a dance festival with my best friend as a very young teenager and what a memorable experience that was!  I probably could not list the things we did or what we saw, but I remember the feeling of warmth, love, and testimony!  Isn't that what camp is all about?

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