Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sun Catcher Craft

This quick and easy sun catcher can be made on a Mutual night or as a camp craft.  They are fun to hang in the window or door and would be great hanging as a cluster from a tent or cabin.  

A list of supplies include mono-filament line (fishing line), mirror tiles, a key ring, some faceted beads, and a glue gun. 

Because this line is so hard to tie, I doubled the line and just wrapped everything through twice.  I topped off the ends with a dab of glue to keep the beads from moving.  They can be made with an alternation of beads or just all mirror tiles.  Combinations of beads and mirrors are endless and you can, of course, make them in the Value Colors.

I hung some on the back of one of my doors so you could get an idea of the finished product.  Not a great pallet for it and I am a horrible photographer but you can get a visualization. They're quite pretty in the sun and fun to do!

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