Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls' Camp

Twenty or so years of camp beads really add up.  I like to use lanyard string  to give the Young Women to hold their beads.  It lasts longer, keeps clean and they can bring them every year to add the new ones.  I go to yard sales in the spring to scope out unusual beaded necklaces.  I often use the Oriental Trading and US Toys catalogs to buy any item that can be strung on a lanyard.  The beads are given as handouts for a lesson or rewards for participation and chores.  One year our lesson was on being "Fishers of Men" so I bought some key chains with fish fobs, removed the key chain, and used the cute little fish.  Little locks, charms, and small spools also work well.  Wooden beads from the craft store can be written on or painted and make a nice addition.  One lesson this year is "Let Your Light so Shine" and I will be giving out glow-in-the-dark beads thinking it would be a fun twist on the the theme. 


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