Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ten Value Projects - the Sequel

 More ideas for Value Projects:

1.  Learn to knit and make a hat (or some other needle craft).
2. Make a 72 hour kit for your car or your family car.
3.  Volunteer at the hospital.
4.  Organize, shop, and cook dinner for a week in your home.
5.  Volunteer at an animal shelter.
6.  Help make new tablecloths for the Young Women's table.
7.  Make a recipe file.
8.  Learn a new music piece, dance, instrument, or language.  if you don't read music, learn by memorization.
9.  Become certified in CPR and first aid.  If this is less than 10 hours, help with camp certification.
10.  Teach your dog a new trick or compete in a fair for 4H.


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