Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Throughout the year, I like to buy or save inexpensive or free items in a box and place them in a gift bag to give the girls for Christmas.  My daughter is quite the coupon shopper and often gets a "buy this/get this" deal.  I also have an Avon lady who sells lip glosses and bath items for under $1 at various times throughout the year.  I try to make sure I have enough to give all the girls in the Young Women's program.  Invariably, I will have one or two little lotions left with no place to go. Last week, I pulled out an old basket and filled it with the various odd items I had such as lotions, nail files, highlighters, picture frames, candles, and sample items that were in the box.  On Sunday, each girl that brings her Scriptures to class will get to choose an item from the basket after the class period is over.  I won't bring it every week but enough that, hopefully, their Scriptures will accompany them to class regularly.


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