Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ten Value Project Ideas

Any new task or desire to change can be made into a Value Project.  Is your YW taking Spanish in High School for the first time?  Is she learning to play a new piano piece for a recital.  Set the goal and count it.  Much of our lives revolves around goal setting even if we do not realize it.  Here are some more ideas:

1.   Organize a blanket drive for an animal shelter.
2.   Learn a sport as a spectator or participant. (Do you know what it means to be "in the pocket" in football?)  Take up jogging, yoga, surfing, etc.
3.   Participate in a school event for band, drama, choir, dance.
4.   Read a classic novel (Something you have not read before.  Must be 10 hours and a short synopsis-not a school assignment.)
5.   Get involved in a local election as a volunteer.
6.   Adopt a highway or street.
7.   Work as a tutor at school.
8.   Make a YW or Ward cookbook.
9.   Help organize care packages for the troops.
10.  Research colleges for after graduation. 


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