Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer Time Fun

Now that the summer has arrived, the days are longer, fun always seems to be the order of the day for teenagers and adults.  BBQs come out and families head to the beach.  It's always fun to have a water game night for a Young Men/Young Women activity.  It is fun to have a night where the youth just enjoy themselves and learn how to interact in a safe place, with good games, and yummy treats.  Water relays are a great way to beat the heat and have a good time.  Challenge another ward's youth to a dodge ball tournament.  Find the ugliest thing you can to use as a booby prize to have the Bishop "display" in his office if his ward's youth loses!  Play Wiffle ball or have a scavenger hunt.  Have a swim party.  Top the night off with a Banana Split Rip.   Have the youth bring odd items to eat with.  Ever eat a banana split on a Frisbee with a toy shovel for a spoon?  I saw a group make one gigantic split on a big table without bowls just by putting the ingredients on some trash bags and letting the kids fix them the way they liked, all eating in one big area.  For a mixer, divide the group into pairs and have them fill out the following:

The Banana Split Exchange:
1. What is your favorite ice cream?
2. What is your favorite texture to eat?  Gooey.  Crunchy.  Soft/Fluffy.  Smooth.  Airy/Light. Other.
3. What is your favorite color to taste?  Pink. Brown.  White.  Green.  Other. 
4. Do you like your foods fancy or simple?  Fancy.  Simple.  Simply fancy.  Other.
5. Do you like nuts or cherries best?  Nuts.  Cherries.  Both.  None.
6. Do you like "splits" that taste all alike or each bite with a different taste?  Same.  Different.
7. What is your "pet peeve" about ice cream desserts?  Never enough.  Don't like certain flavors and which.  Don't like too much.  Other.

.......NOW - Make your friend his/her banana split!

Happy summer.


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